which celebrity are you most like in personality?

You might not know alot about those celebrities. But they are actually a lot like you !

Created By ruthlockerman
On Mar 29, 2017

How do you handle Drama?

Are you Religious/Spiritual?

Which quote inspires you

what is your favorite Food?

What do you wanna do/ see now in front of you

What is your dream?

Which house is most appealing to you?

If you'd be really rich, what would you clothing look like?

Coolest performer?

Your friends would describe you as

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

You're just like Jen, Very Naturel, Funny and down to earth. You know how to make someone laugh! Even though sometimes you might forget yourself. who makes the clown laugh? But you know a lot about yourself. Know how to handle yourself. You're a strong person.

You might not always look serious, because of the jokes, but if it's about serious stuff. Like your job. You're a real professional and you're good at it. It might bring you an Oscar for example ;)

Words that fit you:
Funny, Optimistic, Talented in what you do, Sunny, Dreamer

Song that fits you:
dream by Priscilla Ahn

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

You stand for worldpeace, love and a legendary life.

You wanna make the world a better place. Try to be Jesus-like.

You care deeply about people!
but people might misunderstand you.
Because they aren't really used to your kind of love and care.

They might treat you with injustice, just because you do things differently and the only thing you try to do is make things right.
but you keep going because you're a wise person and those things make you stand out.

You also don't believe in perfection. You will always try to be better
which makes you the best in what you can!

You might be sometimes at your room and just cry because
of all the injustice on this earth.
One day! one day you're going to make
a change. And try to teach them love again!

You're a real fighter !

Words that fit you:

Loyal, Fighter, Dreamer, Strong, Perfectionistisch, Spiritual, Misunderstood, Nefelibata, Mysterious, innocent

Song: Smile by Michael Jackson ( it was his favorite song )

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

You got Beyonce,

you're very confident, you don't believe in perfection.
but You do strongly believe in where you stand for. You're strong in will and independent.
ohhh and... flawless! ;)

Words that fit you: confident, independent, strong

Song: Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)



Rockstar, for sure!

You don't care what others think! You are very well- grounded.
Know what you wanna reach and you act carefree.
If you'd play truth or dare. You would pick DARE.
You might also rock a pixie haircut!

words that fit you:
Carefree, Lazy, Happy, Realistic, well-grounded, rockstar.

Song: So What- By P!nk herself

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

You're like Johnny,

You're talented in what you do. You have alot to offer but you don't
brag about it.

You're quite difficult to read. You know who you are.
And you just wanna live your life and do what you like to do!

You might look at first sight a normal simple person but
You're so much more. You can also be loco crazy!
People love you in both ways..

Words that fit you: Chill, Down to earth, Secretly Crazy, life enjoyer

your song: Banana pancakes by Jack Johnson

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

You are just like Katy,
Crazy- weird behaviour fits you.
But also a bit drama here and there!

'Don't take life to serious' is your life motto'

You're a like sunshine for people.

Sometimes you can be a bit annoying, when you get bored..
But people will still adore you.

Words that fit you: Bright, Optimistic, Sunshine, Dramaqueen, Sweet,

Your Song: So call me maybe. ( Might be your ringtone, even though it's a bit old )