Have You Been Tricked by Myths About LASIK?

Test your knowledge of LASIK - a procedure that can help give you visual freedom.

Roy Rubinfeld
Created by Roy Rubinfeld
On Jun 29, 2016
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LASIK is still a new technology so we don't know its long term results.

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Contact lenses are safer than LASIK.

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LASIK is more expensive than contacts.

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LASIK often causes bad night vision with halos and glare.

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LASIK will cause you to need reading glasses sooner.

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LASIK causes dry eyes more than contact lenses.

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LASIK cannot correct for astigmatism.

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People with thin corneas or large pupils can’t safely correct their vision with LASIK or laser vision correction.

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If you serve in the military or law enforcement, you can't have LASIK.

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LASIK doctors are all the same so it is best to find the best "deal".

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LASIK consults are expensive and take a long time to hear back about results.

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