Quiz: How well do you know your way around these common cannabis misconceptions?

While recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, misconceptions about the drug are running rampant. Many factors are to blame for this confusion, both in the past--with early-1900s prohibition and campaigns against marijuana--and the present--cue Jeff Sessions's infamous line, "Good people don't smoke marijuana." Can you figure out the answers to these common cannabis gripes?

Roxy Szal
Created By Roxy Szal
On Mar 27, 2018
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True or False: Cannabis is a gateway drug.

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True or False: All forms of cannabis diminish motivation and encourage couch-lock.

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True or False: Cannabis is dangerous and can lead to death.

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True or False: Cannabis is a new trend and a relatively new product.

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True or False: Cannabis has addictive properties.

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True or False: It's okay to smoke cannabis, then operate a vehicle or other heavy machinery.

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True or False: You can't take a cannabis product without it altering your mind--i.e. "tripping" or "geeking out."

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True or False: The majority of marijuana users are men.

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