Husky, Samoyed, or Malamute?

Think you know your Spitz breeds? These fluffy dogs with the curly tails are easy to confuse! From Japan to Alaska and all points north, the Spitz family of breeds is known for being bright, alert, and, well, hairy! All spitz sport a double coat that ‘blows’ twice a year, pointy ears, and a curling tail that may drape up over the haunches or sway in the breeze.
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On Sep 2, 2016
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Are any of these dogs part wolf?

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We are the American and Japanese versions of this breed

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We blend in with the snow.

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We aren't Husky puppies, we're our own breed!

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"They're cousins... identical cousins..." 🎵

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Who are we?

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The most popular Japanese dog breed

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I'm a hunter and herder, not a sled dog.

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