NYC vs. SF: Which City is Actually More Renter-Friendly?

One city has long been the landing place for all types of dreamers. The other is the hot new spot for techies and entrepreneurs slaving away to create the next $10 billion company. Both cities are chock-full of renters, but which one is actually more renter-friendly?

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On Nov 4, 2015
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Which city are you more likely to find a rent-regulated apartment?

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Which city's renters are considered more "rent-burdened," with more than half of all residents paying 30% or more of their total income on rent?

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Which city's renters make more money (have higher median household incomes?

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Which city built more rentals in recent years because of huge housing demands?

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Which city's average household size grew by 5.5% (more roommates!) in recent years because of steep rent and low vacancy rates?

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Which city will a you pay a whopping median rent of $4,400 for a 2-bedroom apartment?

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Which city topped Forbes's 2015 "Worst Cities for Renters" because of crazy expensive rent, few vacancies and intense housing competition?

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