Donald Trump Announces He Will Fight Members Of His Own Party; Should Republicans Be Concerned?

Trump continues to fight with members of his own party as he fails to pass healthcare reform. He's urging members of the Republican party to turn on members of the House Freedom Caucus if they don't fall inline by midterm elections. Is Trump destroying the Republican Party?

Rob Fairchild
Created By Rob Fairchild
On Mar 30, 2017
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Trump has declared war on his own party

Them AND Democrats? That's a lot of people to be fighting...

Trump initially blamed Democrats for his healthcare package failing to pass, but has since turned his attention to members of the House Freedom Caucus; his own party members. He's urging other Republicans to turn on them.

The President addresses the media

The President addresses the media

Paul Ryan worries that divisions in the party will make it difficult to pass legislation, but the White House stands behind Trump's tweet, saying that his words speak for themselves.

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Thumbs up!

Are you worried about this? Is Trump dividing the Republican party?

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Is Donald Trump tearing the Republican Party apart?