Would You Survive Without Your Phone? This Quiz Will Determine How Dependant You Are

Smartphones give us access to a world of information but many wonder if we are too dependant on them. This quiz will determine if your phone addiction has reached the point where you simply wouldn't survive without it.

Robert Ducey
Created By Robert Ducey
On Sep 27, 2018

Have you ever thought you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket only to discover your phone was not actually in your pocket?

Select the response which best describes how you respond to texts, emails, and other messages you receive on your phone.

Have you experienced any of the listed physical conditions?

Where does your phone go when you go to bed?

Select the answer which best describes your sleep pattern.

Scenario: You are on your way to a weekend getaway when you realize you've left your phone at home. It would take you 2 hours to go back and get your phone and then continue to your destination.
How would you handle the situation?

When you wake up, how much time goes past before you check your phone?

Select why it is not recommended to use a smartphone (even when not talking) in a movie theatre.

Yes, you would survive

Yes, you would survive

Congrats! Many people are so addicted to their phones they would simply collapse if they were separated from them.
Not you, however. Even in this advanced technological age, you seem to still enjoy living in the real world as opposed to the online one.

No, you would not survive

No, you would not survive

There is no shame in this but no, you would not survive without your phone. Based on your answers it's clear you are addicted to that thing. If you were to be separated from your phone we are quite confident you would simply crumple into a pile on the floor, unaware of how to continue... until you got another phone that is.