Immigration And Customs Enforcement Have Detained And Plan To Deport A Legal Immigrant; Are You Okay With This?

Daniel Ramirez-Medina is 23 and has been in the country since he was seven years old. He was protected under DACA, had a work permit and a son and no criminal record. ICE want to deport him back to Mexico. Is this okay with you?

Rob Abbott
Created By Rob Abbott
On Feb 15, 2017
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This is Daniel Ramirez-Medina. He's 23, has a son, no criminal record, and has lived in the states since he was 7. But now ICE wants to deport him.

Daniel taking a

Daniel taking a selfie

Does this seem wrong to you? Does Daniel deserve to be deported? How does this make you feel? Is this the administration you voted for?

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Does Daniel deserve to be deported?