Is Your Energy Masculine Or Feminine?

In Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang describe how opposite forces are actually complimentary.

In life we strive to be balanced human beings. We attract the opposing energy to help us to achieve balance. Many people nowadays are finding out that they have more masculine or feminine energy. The truth is, in order to feel balanced and happy, it's important that we have equal amounts of masculine and feminine energy.

We are always attracting our opposite traits when trying to attract a partner. The more balan

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You are going on vacation with your partner, you’re more likely to

Your friends and family members would describe you as being predominantly

You’re late to meet friends for a movie because your taxi is late by 10 minutes, you

When making important decisions, you usually rely on

When dating someone, you are usually the one to make the first move

On the weekends, you find yourself

“I am creative, and show my creativity whenever I am given an opportunity”

You are at a restaurant waiting for your partner and she/he is 25 minutes late, you feel

You see your best friend’s fiancé making out with someone at the bar, you

You like someone and would like to get to know them better, you

You and your best friend go to one of your favourite restaurants, you

Your friend gives you a $20 gift voucher for dinner for no reason, you

Masculine Energy

Masculine Energy

Your energy is more Masculine. This means you could be more domineering or controlling in a relationship. You are decisive and assertive, which are positive traits of leader. It’s important for you to take time to breathe to be more patient and present. Take time to go into the state of being rather than doing. Meditation can help you to feel more relaxed and joyful. You're always on the go, and need time to relax and slow down. Attracting someone who is more feminine will help to balance out your masculine energy.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy

Your energy is more Feminine. This means you could be more calm and grounded. You take your time, and don’t like to rush. You like going with the flow. You can be intuitive and creative by nature. You live in the present moment most of the time. You sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve. Making decisions can be difficult for you as you need time to process. Speaking up for yourself will help you to feel more empowered in who you are. Attracting someone who is more masculine will help to balance out your feminine energies.

Balanced Energy

Balanced Energy

You’re a balanced mix of masculine and feminine energy. This leads you to feel more content, happy and peaceful in your day to day life. You are a mix of being and doing. You follow your intuition, but still have a logical side. For you, you can attract someone who is also of this balanced energy.

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