No One Can Solve These Riddles And It's Stumping Everyone

Do you think you are smart enough to solve these riddles which have been stumping everyone? If so, then take this quiz!

Ricky Maldonado
Created by Ricky Maldonado
On Apr 2, 2019
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Susan's mother had four children. Her oldest is named May, 2nd oldest is June, and 3rd oldest July. What is her 4th child named?

What months have 28 days?

A man sits down in a cabin in the United States. He sits there for several hours and when he exits the cabin he is in Canada. How is this possible?

I am an ancient invention that allows people to move through walls, what am I?

I disappear every time someone says my name. What am I?

You are on death row but given one chance to save your life. The executioner says to you "If you lie we will shoot you. If you tell the truth, we will hang you." What can you say to save your life?

What 3 letters turn a child into an adult?

You are a riddle wizard!

You are a riddle wizard!

Wow! Based on your answers, there is no stumping you even on the hardest riddles!

You are a riddle failure!

You are a riddle failure!

Sorry but based on your answers, you are someone easily stumped by a good riddle. Let's hope you don't run into any trolls under bridges anytime soon.