What Drives Your Life?

Are you a romance genius or a workaholic? Find out here!

Created by pjohoojf
On Mar 29, 2017

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Make way for the king (or queen) or romance! Everybody loves a partner who knows exactly how to keep a relationship interesting. It's no wonder all the girl's are crowding around you while you eat! Be careful not to let all the attention get to your head!

As a romantic, you accept nothing less than perfect for your date, be it a walk on the beach in the moonlight with a glass of red wine or a fancy dinner with the lights turned low and music playing softly in the background. You understand selflessness and are willing to give up anything in order to please your significant other.

As the saying goes, "Follow your heart", and you do just that!



"Excuse me, ma'am! I think you may have dropped a dollar out of your purse" is probably not something we should expect you to say! Money is your purpose, and you take it every chance you get! Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can sure buy you things that will make you happy! Be careful not to buy everything you want, however, or your money will fly out of your pocket quicker than Einstein could say "E=MC2".

You are a thrill seeker and do not like to share. "Finder's keepers" is your motto. You do not trust others and you prefer to be left alone, unless you benefit from it in one way or another.



Bow down to the sex god! Of course, a master in bed is going to get a lot of attention and be worshipped by everyone! The women love you! The men want to be you!

You are a thrill seeker and prefer to live for today, finding joy in everything. You do not want to live a dull life, and you see to it that the lives of other's are never plain. You are the life of the party, or rather, the party behind doors. (Wink, wink).

Friends and family

Friends and family

Family and friends are important to you, and you obviously strive to make sure your relationships are well balanced. You are good with people and great with communication.



You are obsessed with work! You are a very busy person and don't have time for the little things in life. You tend to lock yourself away so you can focus. People just don't seem to understand how important life is! But you know, and if no one else is going to handle the big things, then you are going to do it yourself!