How well do you remember the maps from CS 1.6?

Consider yourself an expert when it comes to Counter-Strike? Test your knowledge!

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Let’s start with something easy. Any self-respecting CS player knows the legendary de_dust map. What was the terrorists' goal here?

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Assault was one of the most popular “cs” type maps. The Counter Terrorists were tasked to free hostages. How many prisoners were hidden on this map?

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This was one of the most popular maps in history of CS. What was its name?

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On the map cs_italy every once in a while you would encounter a certain type of animal. The animal was...

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Do you remember the de_aztec? If so, what was the weather like on the map?

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One of the “cs” type maps took place on board a plane. What was the map's name?

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Which map is this from?

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The part of the map de_dust2 shown in the upper part of the picture was known as…

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On the as_oilrig the Counter Terrorist goal was to safely escort the VIP out of the oil rig. What vehicle was used for evacuation at the end of the mission?

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Name one of the maps from the basic map pack, which referred to a certain capital city. Its name was:

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