Only 95% of people can score 9/10 on this REDARC Towing test

Think you know a thing or two about towing your trailer or caravan across the black top and for off road adventures? Put your knowledge to the test, with the REDARC Towing test!

REDARC Electronics
Created by REDARC Electronics
On Aug 24, 2017
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When loading items in your caravan what should you consider?

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When reversing with a trailer and you wish to back in a straight line, if you see the trailer in the left side mirror, which way should you steer to bring it parallel again?

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If the Tow-Pro Elite flashes blue and green what does this mean?

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In Australia, when is an electric brake controller required to be installed in a vehicle?

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The Caravan Council of Australia suggests that the total weight of the vehicle including all occupants should weigh what percentage more, than the total weight of your caravan and its contents?

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What is a common cause of caravan sway?

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What should you first do if caravan sway happens?

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Should you travel with a full tank of water in your caravan?

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For vehicle capacity terminology, what does ATM stand for?

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What is Gross Vehicle Mass?

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