Sleeping With Sirens or All Time Low

Can you guess whether these lyrics are from Sleeping With Sirens or All Time Low?

Rebecca Potter
Created by Rebecca Potter
On Mar 29, 2017
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Met a girl at seventeen, thought she meant the world to me. so i gave her everything she turned out to be a cheat.

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I hope you know that you are what my dreams are made of

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Little hand grenade, oh god, I'm sick of sleeping alone

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Nobody's gonna love you if you cant display a way to capture this

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Wendy we get away, I promise if your with me say the word and we'll get away

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I don't mean to bother but have you seen this girl?

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Arrogant Boy, love yourself so no one has to, they're better off without you

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When all you got is these four walls, its not that hard to feel so small

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Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly

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Long live the reckless and the brave. i don't think i wanna be saved, my song has not been sung.

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