10 Dating Tips That Are Extremely Relevant in 2019!

Because we all need to reevaluate our dating style after watching You

Rebecca Dawn
Created by Rebecca Dawn
On Feb 26, 2019
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Dating in 2019 is not easy...

From ghosting...

To finding just the worst people on the face of the planet on dating apps

Here are some tips to make dating in 2019 just a little better:

1. Trust your gut when it comes to the person you're dating

2. Give as much of yourself and your time as they give to you

3. Don't be so quick to share every bit of your new relationship on social media

4. Go beyond bars and apps

5. Friendship is what makes real relationships last

6. Find someone who can make you laugh like crazy

7. Pay attention to how the person you're dating treats others

8. It is rare to find someone who you can fully be yourself with at all times

9. Listen to friends, but don't let others influence your dating life too much

10. And finally, the best advice is to go into dating with no expectations!

Protect your heart and time to date away!

Protect your heart and time to date away!