How well do you know Russian cakes?

Do you and the famous Russian sweet tooth think alike? Try answering these questions to test your knowledge of the most delectable Russian cakes.

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On Mar 27, 2018
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What's the name of the first cake patented in the Soviet Union?

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What cake was invented for Empress Elizabeth, the wife of Emperor Alexander I?

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What Soviet cake consists of crumbled cookies mixed with cream and piled into a hill shape?

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The hometown of this cake changed its name, but the recipe remains the same: It's made up of several layers of shortcrust pastry and cream. What is it?

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What cake was developed in 2015 and became a culinary symbol of a big Russian city?

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What meringue cake was one of the most favorite during the USSR?

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What Russian chocolate cake resembles Sacher torte?

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What Russian cake is named after a French Emperor?

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What grain is used in a Russian cake called "Mannik"?

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What cake combines two colors, white and brown, and imitates the skin of a wild animal?

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