This Deportation Case Has Lawyers Testing Trump On DACA; Is The Trump Administration In Chaos?

A dispute over wether the man in question had protected status or not is bringing the issue to the fore, and Trump seems unprepared. Does the administration not have a plan?

Randy Marsh
Created By Randy Marsh
On Apr 20, 2017
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Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez says he was deported from Mexico to California on February 18th, despite having protected status under DACA. DHS said on Wednesday that that never actually happened.

Juan is back in Mexico so what went down?

Lawyers for Bojorquez say he renewed his status under DACA in 2016, which would keep him protected until 2018-but Homeland Security agents still deported Bojorquez on February 18th.

Protestors who want the DACA program to remain

The DHS claims this never happened, and the Trump administration pledged not to deport anyone with active status--even though Trump pledged to end the program during the election.

What do you think about this? Does the Trump administration have a plan? Is this administration disorganized?

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Is the Trump administration disorganized?

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