What Does Your Group Photo Pose Say About You?

Group photos; no great night out is complete without a drunken snapshot of your friends looking a little worse for wear. But what does your group photo pose say about you?

Created by RaeBuzz
On Feb 8, 2016

"Hey guys! Group photooo"
This statement fills you with...

How many photos do you think you are tagged in on Facebook?

Which person would you be?

How often do you use the reverse camera on your smart phone?

How many photos of you are there around your house?

Which person are you mostly likely to be in this photo?

How often are you the person instigating a group photo?

Which face are you most likely to pull in a group photo?

Do you like photos of yourself?

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your enjoyment of group photos?

The Centre Of Attention

The Centre Of Attention

Group photo? Hell yes. As far as you're concerned the more photos the better, just so long as you're at the centre of every one. Does that make you attention seeking? Maybe a little. But does it make you fabulous? Hell-to-the yes it does. You're a confident person with a message to send the world and whilst some may label you as loud or over-the-top, deep down everyone just admires your confidence.

The Shy-er Away-er

The Shy-er Away-er

Where have you gone? Oh there you are, drifting behind the tallest person in the group, hoping to be concealed from view. As far as you're concerned group photos are an unnecessary evil of a night out and if it were up to you everyone would just be content with the memories of knowing they saw each other outside that famous monument. You're a reserved person who doesn't like to make a scene and hey, a little modesty goes a long way in this life.

The "I Don't Have An Issue With Personal Space"

The "I Don't Have An Issue With Personal Space"

A group photo isn't a group photo until you've smushed your face as close as it will go into the person's standing next to you. Personal space? What personal space? We're all friends here, am I right? You're a super friendly, outgoing person who has no fear in expressing their affection towards others. You're a great person to talk to, shoulder to cry on and most of all cracking fun on a night out.

The 'Let's Do A Funny One"

The 'Let's Do A Funny One"

Tongue out? Check. One eye half open? Check. Triple chins? Ahhh yeaaaah.

Always up for a laugh you'll never be caught in a photo pulling a face that actually resembles your own. Your mother might not like it but you're the joker of the group and everyone else adores you for it. Always up for a laugh you're a favourite on a night out and guaranteed to be great fun whatever the occasion. Your Facebook profile might not be the prettiest, but you'll still get more likes than any duck selfie going.

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