Can You Guess The TV Show From One Still?

From Game of Thrones to Doctor Who, we've picked a selection of scenic backdrops from hit TV shows – can you guess which one belongs to which?

Radio Times
Created By Radio Times
On Mar 29, 2017
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A harrowing scene on a blustery Icelandic beach takes place in which show?

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A tropical Caribbean setting was used for which TV show?

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This Northern Ireland setting doubles for which show?

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The Sussex town of Rye was used in which BBC drama in 2014?

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London's Saint Bartholomew's Hospital features in which series...

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In the Deep South, The Bluebird Cafe appears in which US drama?

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This historic backdrop was seen in which drama?

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This Arizona-set scene occurs in which sci-fi series?

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James Norton rides through a Cambridge village for which show...

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The sunny west country beach in the picture features on which hit drama?

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Somerset's grand Barrington Court property features in which historic drama?

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