'Divergent' Aptitude Test: Which Faction Are You?

Have you been curious as to which faction you may be? Well, this divergent test is here to reveal.

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'Divergent' tests are all the rave today! According to divergentlife.com, here's how factions are officially chosen: "Each year, all 16 year old's are required to take an Aptitude Test. The purpose of the test is to discover a disposition towards one of the five traits of the five factions. It provides a good indication of what faction a person should choose based on his/her predominant characteristic. The next day in the Choosing Ceremony test-takers must choose which faction they will enter into. They can either leave their family and choose an entirely new faction or they can remain where they are. The aptitude test result should be taken into account but the decision is ultimately their choice."

So... Who are you? Are you selfless like the people in Abnegation, or intelligent like those in Eurodite? Maybe you're secretly brave like the Dauntless. Perhaps you want a peaceful life like the Amity have. Do you belong in Candor with the truthful? After waiting for some time, ten more names are called, one of which being yours. You walk into the testing room and sit down in the chair, as instructed. It's time...

Before the test begins, the technician studies you. He sees that you're from which faction?

He says his name is Terence and places electrodes on himself, then on you. He hands you a small glass of liquid. "Drink up!" he says. What is your reaction?

You wake in a large dimmed room with white walls and a wood floor. A wooden table stands before you. A large carrot and a bag of rocks lay upon it. There is a note on which it reads: Choose the one that most pleases you. Which do you take?

Hearing a high-pitched noise behind you, you turn around, only to find a mouse. You notice there is a hole in the wall nearby, probably where the mouse lives. The mouse continues squeaking, only louder. The noise is annoying and is starting to hurt your ears. How do you react?

After the encounter with the mouse, you stand there, waiting for your next test. How are you feeling?

A few seconds later, a boy comes into the room, scanning the room in search of something. He walks up to you and asks, "Have you seen a mouse?" You respond...

The boy accepts your answer and is compliant with you. He then leaves. What did you think of him?

On the other side of the room, a door creaks open. You walk across the room and through the doorway. You find yourself outdoors, standing by the edge of a cliff. You look below it and see a body of water, probably the ocean. Behind you, a group of teens tell you to jump. They begin chanting, "Jump! Jump! Jump!" What is your reaction?

The world spins around you and you find you're not by the cliff anymore. Instead, you sit at a desk in a classroom. The teacher says, "Okay class! Time for a pop quiz!" The papers go out. You begin completing it. How difficult is it?

As you complete the test, it is obvious that the girl in front of you is cheating. What will you do?

After class, you walk out through the classroom door with the rest of the students. When you do so, you see a student fall and drop her books. Your reaction?

After walking down the hall, you turn a corner, you enter a completely different room. A fire starts in one of the corners and quickly begins to spread. You spot a ladder near you leading through a ceiling window. Just as you make a step towards it, a child's yelp comes from the other side of the room. What do you do?

After you climb up the ladder and exit the ceiling window, you wake up in the testing room. Terence asks how you think you did. How do you respond?

He nods as he accepts your answer. "Well," he states, "You are........"



You are selfless!
Putting others needs before your own comes naturally for you. Although you may want to do things for your benefit, you know that helping others is the right thing to do. The people from Abnegation find that volunteering is fun and they get to do so everyday! Although their life is full of work, it can be quite relaxing. Plus, nobody judges you on your clothes or hair!



You are kind!
Filled with joy and peace, you want everyone to love on each other. Being kind shows you care for others, and in Amity, there is a whole community there, each one looking out for each other. Ultimately, you want a peaceful, carefree life full of love and happiness. Farming each day with friends, playing music and games, and relaxing. Enjoy!



You are truthful!
Lying is despicable and you know so. Being deceitful causes problems and doesn't do anybody any good. You think justice is important, for it creates order and stability, just like being truthful. The Candor debate and work for the justice system each day, making it a better, safer, more reliable world. Plus, everyone will know you are trustworthy!



You are intelligent!
Logic is the best way to make decisions. While emotions aren't worthless, you know that reason is more important. Having all this intelligence will help you gain more wisdom. You'll be able to understand the world better, just by gaining more knowledge. The Erudite are researchers and teachers, informing the world with all of their intelligence. In this way, you can help make the world better by explaining things, helping others become better.



You are brave!
By obtaining confidence and courage, you have been able to be brave, whatever situation faces you. Your life will not be easy, but you are up for any challenge that may come your way. You will defeat fear and become a force to be reckoned with! While many Dauntless guard the fence, the positions in the Dauntless community are very broad. Plus, you'll have so much fun playing athletic games and jumping off trains!

What do you think of this divergent test?

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