What's Your BrideSide?

Head spinning from all the different styles and choices you have now that you're planning your wedding? Take this short 4 questionquiz and find out which bridal personality is your best fit!

Rachel Leintz
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When it really comes down to it, what's the one word you want people to use when they describe your wedding?

In general, your favorite selfies or portraits are ones that:

Which statement do you most agree with when it comes to weddings?

When you look at your wedding photos, what do you want to think?

Classic Countess

Classic Countess

You love the timeless feel that tradition brings to a wedding. You want your big day to feel like a cherished family heirloom, something you can tell all those grandkids about decades from now.

You are probably going to feel most comfortable in styles that read very bridal. Step into a full-skirted princess gown, and see if you don't just fall in love. Yes, go for the delicate lace veil and wear that family ring your mom has been hinting at.

When it comes to the details, you're going to be drawn to classic elegance (roses, lilies) and the palette will feel subtle and romantic.

What you need to tell your photographer: Because you see your wedding as a beautiful page in your families history, you want to make sure your photographer knows the classic shots you want. Many modern photographers have their own unique style, so be sure you convey to your photog that you want some traditional shots to really capture the details of the day.

Dreamy Darling

Dreamy Darling

You are in love with love and all the crazy beauty that comes with it. You want your wedding day to be unique and you want to capture the natural, wild beauty of your love story.

You are going to be drawn to the bohemian, soft fabrics of non-traditional gowns. Check out the new line from Rue de Sine and see if you don't fall in love. Natural fabrics are your texture soul mates, so don't fight it!

The details of your day need to be unique and carefree, like you! A bunch of wildflowers, nothing to manicured, or a delicate flower crown might be the way to go on the floral side.

You don't mind tasteful pops of color, but it has to feel organic. When you talk to your florist, think "english garden" and see what he or she comes up with.
What you need to tell your photographer: "Natural" is the key to communicating with your photog about how you want your day captured. That doesn't mean no posing (because a true professional will always use poses to help you look relaxed and beautiful) but it will help them understand that you really want a photojournalistic feel to your wedding images.

Delightful Diva

Delightful Diva

Let's face it, it's not every day you get to step into a gorgeous designer gown, get pampered from head-to-toe and marry the man of your dreams. You see your wedding as the fabulous, over the top celebration that it should be!

You don't mind being the center of attention and your wedding day is no time to shy away from the spotlight! So check out some of the new to-die-for gowns in Steven Khalil's collection and see if you don't just fall in love.

Your details are going to be spectacular! But because this day is going to be EPIC, give your self the gift of a wedding planner. I know your an alpha female, but trust me! Letting this little bit of control slide into the hands of a professional is the way to go. You'll thank me during the fantastic, over-the-top reception, I promise :)

What you need to tell your photographer: This is it! The big day. You've found a killer, dramatic gown, your hair is fierce, your make-up is flawless. You need a true artist to capture it. You don't need photos that grandma will say are nice, you need images that could be on the cover of Vogue! Check potential portfolios and make sure they have jaw-dropping images that make you say "yeeeeessss." If they don't, move on.

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