There Are 20,000 Holy Rats At This Temple In India And They're Actually Pretty Cute

Even the littlest of guys deserve some love.

Rachel Green
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On Dec 14, 2015

There's a temple in India that's home to 20,000 rats.

Here are seven of the resident rats, drinking some milk.


The rats are considered holy rats, and pretty much have free reign of the place.


They live in a temple in Deshnoke, a small town near the Thar desert.


They live in a temple dedicated to Karni Mata.

The Goddess featured in the center, and the holy rats around the outside.


There are legends surrounding the rats and how they came to be part of the temple.


Some say that the rats were brave soldiers, and have been reincarnated as rats and must be taken care of.


Another says that the rats are children of the local town, born to human parents.


Whatever their origin, it's safe to say that these guys live the good life.

You can buy specific rat snacks outside the temple to make offerings to the holy rats.


And they are actually pretty cute...