Super Bowl Ads 2016 Quiz: Which Celebrities are Seen in Super Bowl Commercials?

The Super Bowl ads played during the NFL's Super Bowl 50 are quite funny! Did you notice the common theme? There are many famous folks in the Super Bowl commercials. The fans love to see their smiling faces. How much do you know about this year's Super Bowl ads? Take this quiz to find out!

Jodi Jill
Created By Jodi Jill
On Mar 29, 2017

What Celebrity is Seen in Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl ad?

How Many Different Times is Ryan Reynolds seen in this Super Bowl Commercial?

What Steven Tyler Facial Feature Does This Commercial Highlight?

What Rapper is Seen in the Super Bowl Ad?

Who Wears the Marilyn Monroe Outfit in the Snickers Super Bowl Ad?

Which British Actress Offers a Scathing Reminder Not to Drink and Drive?

What Does Kevin Hart Use in this Super Bowl ad to track his daughter's date?

You Know Your Super Bowl Ads!

You Know Your Super Bowl Ads!

Nice job! Checking out all the Super Bowl ads with celebrities, it appears you know your Hollywood trivia! This year, more than ever, the Super Bowl 50th celebration seems to focus on tickling the funny bone and offering an interesting perspective to the NFL game. Wouldn't you agree that some of the best Super Bowl commercials were released in 2016?

Super Bowl Ads Super Star!

Super Bowl Ads Super Star!

Great Going! It appears your Super Bowl ad knowledge is way beyond the typical TV viewer. Knowing what you know about trivia, it's safe to suggest you might have a file cabinet hidden in your brain to store all the extra data. In 2016, the Super Bowl commercials are bigger and better than ever. In fact, most of the ads are absolutely hilarious!