Only 90's Fans Can Name These Christmas Illustrations

Are you a 90's baby! Can you name these Christmas books that take you back?

On Dec 4, 2017

What book am I from?

Which pictures do I belong to?

What Christmas tree am I from?

What is the name of my book?

Which book am I in?

Which book belongs to us?

Which book is this from?

What Christmas story includes me?

Which Christmas book am I in?

What is my name?

Which 90's story do I belong to?

Which famous story does this illustration belong to?

Sleigh Bells Fall!

Sleigh Bells Fall!

Better luck next time but you are definitely not a baby born in the 90's. You don't know hardly any of these vintage classics!

Hoo Hoo Hooray!

Hoo Hoo Hooray!

Merry Christmas! You just went back to the 90's and remembered all the best loved Children's classics.