How Quickly Can You Solve Crime?

Could you give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money? Take this test and let's see!

Created by PringlePeaches
On Sep 3, 2017

How often does your intuition speak to you?

You have just found a gun, a dead body and a woman weeping, what do you pressume?

There is a blood stained knife with finger prints. The parents are both on the living room floor and a child sits still rocking, what do you think?

How many bullets does a 45 hold?

What is the most common murder weapon in the household?

Can bullets break through glass?

If you had one man on death row but he said he was innocent, what would you do?

What might have happened here?



Congratulations! You could give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. You love solving crimes and have an incredible intuition when something doesn't smell right. You have a sixth sense and this is what would make you a great CIA investigator. Start studying and saving the world Sherlock!

Court Case

Court Case

Your crimes are better left in court. You wouldn't make the best crime scene investigator and people might be subject to crimes if we left the solving up to you. Don't worry though, you would make a handy sidekick as you do have an intuitive sense. Best leave the crime-solving to the professionals.