How Healthy Is Your Mind?

Are you a happy, healthy mindful soul? Take this quiz and see how healthy your mental thoughts are!

On Dec 4, 2017

Do you find it difficult to stop thinking?

When you are faced with a busy period in your life, how do you deal with things?

What does this picture represent to you?

How often do you take time to focus on your mind and be still?

Would you take the time out of your daily life to stop and create something simple like this?

Why do you go on walks?

How electric is your mind?

How cloudy do you consider your mind?

Do you meditate?

How often do negative thoughts override your mind?

Clear Mind

Clear Mind

You have a healthy mind and soul. You can confidently say you are able to find peace and stillness at all moments in life. You have been conscious of your mind for many years and like a muscle you have been training it to be as healthy and clear as possible. This quiz just proved to us that you have a 100% healthy mind and you are in a clear head space to make any strong decisions.

Thoughtful Mind

Thoughtful Mind

You have a relatively healthy mind but you might have an overarching thing that you can often tend to get stuck on. You find it hard to completely clear your mind as you know there is always something to do.etc. Nonetheless you have a very healthy way of dealing with stress and all the trivialities of life. Try to meditate more and we can guarantee that you will find that 100% peace of mind.

Cluttered Mind

Cluttered Mind

You have quite a cluttered mind and find it hard to find the empty space. You are always thinking about the next thing or the next adventure and this keeps your mind cloudy. You might find life a little bit overwhelming and we would encourage you to take on one thing at a time and try to find those moments to stop and clear your head space. This will lead to a healthier and calmer mind.