Could You Hack It In The Jungle Alone?

Are you a real time SURVIVOR?

Created by PringlePeaches
On Dec 9, 2017

Which of these creatures would be your friend?

What is the highest level of combat training you have?

Which leaf would gather the most water?

Which plant could your survive off for days?

Which creepy crawly would you avoid at all costs?

Which would be the safest water supply?

What would be your main priority in the jungle?

Where would you take shelter?

Do you know how to forage your own food?



Congratulations Tarzan! You are a true jungle survivor! You know exactly which creepy crawlies need to be your friends and which ones to avoid. You would be able to set up a warm and safe home in the jungle within hours of becoming stranded. You could make fire and defend yourself against panthers. Well done!



You are a colourful chameleon. You are a nifty jungle creature. You know which plants and bugs might kill you and you could make a fire to keep you warm. You might not score 100% on your huntsman skills and your water gathering skills might need some work, however you will survive in the jungle until someone finds you!



Oh dear, if you haven't already been bitten by a poisonous snake, you might find your new best froggie friend the next thing to murder you. You hate bugs and don't know how to look after yourself. You hate getting wet but you don't know how to make a safe place. It is time you get into the wilderness and start learning how to look after yourself.