Could You Conquer The World Today?

Are you more Dr Evil or James Bond? Take this test and see if you could truly obtain world power in 10 simple questions

On Dec 17, 2017

If you were to take over the world, what subjects would you use to plan the attack?

How would you start thinking about getting into power?

What mode of transportation would you use in an attack?

Where would you start?

How would you destroy ALL enemy forces?

What is your most important conquering tactic?

What would you promise people

Would you work alone or with others?

What would be the first rule your write in this book to conquer the world



You are an official 007 agent. If you wanted to conquer the world you could and you would do so in a discreet and intelligent way. No need for big fancy plans, you know that by hacking the central technological system and keeping your enemies close to you, world domination would be a breeze with your talents and skills.

Dr Evil

Dr Evil

You want this bombed and you want it all now. Just like Dr Evil you would achieve world domination by bombing and making rash decisions to call for attention. You want fame, money and power. You think by convincing the people that they are in for a new change, you can achieve world domination. You might not be wrong but your tactics will be bold and could lead you into sticky situations.