Can You Name These Christmas Films Based On The Dinner Table

How well do you know your Christmas movie selection? Could you spot the Christmas dinner table to the film? Test your skills now!

On Nov 19, 2017

Which film might this be?

Which family is toasting here?

Which dinner scene does this belong to?

Who is downing this soda at the Christmas dinner table?

Who is carving up this Christmas turkey?

Which film is this?

This dinner table belongs to...

Which Harry Potter Film is celebrating this Christmas din dins?

What is the Grinch carving up here?

Which film is this memorable dinner scene from?

Christmas Scrooge!

Christmas Scrooge!

Better luck next time! You have definitely not sat around the house and watched enough Christmas films post dinner to get your film knowledge up to scratch. This year make sure you spend a good few hours post meal time catching up on some Christmas classics which really get their turkey down!

Christmas Turkey!

Christmas Turkey!

Well done! You are a bit of a Christmas Turkey! You know most of these classic Crimbo films and the dinner tables that surround them! The Grinch slicing up the Turkey cutlets is one your favourite movies and you could just watch it on repeat to get you into the festive spirit.

Christmas Wine!

Christmas Wine!

Bottles up to you! You just aced this Christmas dinner table quiz and papa claus would be ever so proud! You know every crimbo film as if every day was Christmas and you just can't wait for the festive season to begin so you can watch all of your favourite flicks on repeat!