Can You Identify Which Santa Claus Matches Which Culture?

Here we go, let's see how well you know your Kris Kringle's and St Nicholas'.

On Dec 9, 2017

Sinterklaas belongs to which country?

La Befana belongs to which countries Christmas traditions?

Ded Moroz is the father Christmas of which region?

Hoteiosho is the Christmas guru for which country?

Dun Che Lao Ren is celebrated in which country?

Los Reyes Magos belong to which countries Christmas traditions?

Krampus belongs to which countries Christmas traditions?

Which country celebrated this original St Nicholas?

Which country created this representation?

What was the name of this Catholic Saint who named Christmas around the world?

Merry Crimbo!

Merry Crimbo!

Merry Christmas! You just aced this worldwide Santa quiz! You know all the different types of Klaus there are in the world and you should be hoo hoo happy.

Santa Baby!

Santa Baby!

You have eaten far too many mince pies and fallen down the chimney. Start studying your Santa's and learn about the worldwide traditions surrounding this magical time of year!