Are You A Soul Survivor?

Are you a real survivor? If your plane got stranded on a desert island could you survive? If you were left in the wilderness, could you survive?

On Dec 9, 2017

If your plane crashed and landed on a desert island, what would be your first port of call?

You have lost your navigation tools in the wilderness, how do you continue?

You haven't eaten for 5 days, what do you do?

You are stuck out here for 1 week, how do you make it through the week?

There is a river that you know runs to dry land but you cannot swim, how do you get there?

Can you make fire from scratch?

What would be the most useful thing you could do with this in the wilderness?

What do you need to keep a fire burning?

What would be the biggest danger here?

Car Wreck

Car Wreck

You wouldn't last a day in the wilderness. We hate to say it but your survival skills are more city than we thought. You would act impulsively and make rash decisions in the wild that would have long term consequences. If you hadn't eaten poisonous berries or died of dehydration in the first 24 hours, we wouldn't say you would live much longer than that. Best brush up on your SOS skills if we were to ever face a nuclear attack.

Survivor Calls

Survivor Calls

Congratulations. You are a true wilder beast. You could survive in the wilderness for weeks and months. You know your priorities in nature and understand that finding shelter, warmth and water are your priorities. You could kill an animal if you needed to and you wouldn't eat any plant just willy nilly. If one was to ever get stranded you would be the perfect person to have around.

Lonely Being

Lonely Being

Well done. You would definitely last a few weeks in the wilderness. You are not a total city slicker and could fend for yourself should you need too. You might need a little bit more training, but you are willing to take risks that you know you could. You wouldn't make rash decisions and you could light a fire if you had too. If you keep studying we bet you could survive for years on your own-you might just need to look after your mental health a bit first.