Would You Take These Risks To Find Paradise?

How far are you willing to go to get to paradise?

On Jan 15, 2018

In order to get to paradise you must walk through a swamp full of poisonous insects and creepy crawlies, would you take the risk?

There is a storm brewing but you must take the long-tail boat to the island, do you take the risk?

You will be lost for 10 days in a forest full of mangroves and monkeys. Could you hack it?

Paradise lies beyond this creek. What you can't see are the deadly jaguars hiding in the woods, how do you get there?

You must enter this ocean to get to paradise which is just a 30 minute boat ride away, do you enter?

Do you know how to make fire without matches or a lighter?

Would this frog keep you fed in dire times?

The only way to paradise is to wade through these? Do you take the risk?

Would you cross this bridge to paradise?

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

This simple and solid quiz has just told us that you would defy all odds to reach paradise. Whether it meant wading through jellyfish infested waters or risking your life in stormy ocean seas, you don't care, you would risk it all to find a secret haven of paradise. Whether you survive to tell the tale, we don't know but we admire your enthusiasm.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

It turns out you wouldn't take these risks to find paradise, meaning you would never know what it really looks like. You prefer to stay alive and avoid anything high risk. Paradise exists is many places and this type of adventure just isn't for you sailor.