Only 2 In 50 Disney Fans Can Match The Shoes To The Disney Character

Disney experts put your knowledge to the test and match these shoes to the feet?

Created By PringleDingle
On Jun 25, 2017

Whose walking in these shoes?

Which furry friend belongs to these shoes?

These bows belong to which Disney character?

These bare feet belong to which Disney princess?

These clogs belong to who?

Whose famous boots are these?

These sparkly shoes belong to which princess?

Whose socks and shoes are these?

These blue boots belong to which famous character?

These sandals belong on the feet of which hero?

These brown boots are home to which famous Disney character?

Who belongs in these soles?

These shoes belong to which character?

These blue heels are home to which Disney lady?

Whose wearing these golden clogs?

Perfect Fit!

Perfect Fit!

Congratulations!! You just smashed this Disney shoe test. You know your Disney feet better than the rest and know exactly who is wearing the shoes in this big Disney family.

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Missing Slipper!

Missing Slipper!

Better luck next time. You don’t know which slipper fits and made a few mistakes in this quiz. Keep trying and better luck next time finding your perfect Cinderella fit.