What Crystal Color Are You Vibrating?

What magical color are you reflecting and shining in this world?

Created by PringleDingle
On Jun 17, 2017

If you could choose one word to describe your being what would it be?

When you look at this crystal what do you feel?

Crystals come from...?

How do you try to please others?

Which chakra are you most spiritually connected to?

What fills you with energy? (from these options)

What kind of lovers are you drawn to?

Where do you feel most at home?

What practise brings you clarity?

What type of people do you surround yourself with?

What is your dream job?

What would be your utopic vision for this world?

Which life quote do you feel represents you?

Which natural element are you drawn to?

Negative experiences in life...



You are vibrating violet and shining like a magical Amethyst. This meditative and calming stone means you are incredibly connected to your emotional, spiritual and physical planes. You have a strong sense of intuition and some might call you a psychic. You have a seductive energy and feel peace at most times meaning the world doesn’t tend to shift you off balance. You feel connected to people very quickly and we would call you an excellent judge of character. Your sensitivity is unique and you should feel blessed to be vibrating this lucid and magical color.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

You are as soft as a Rose Quartz. You can’t help but vibrate love in this world. You are guided by your heart chakra and you are a deep romantic. You have a strong feeling of self-love and feel unconditionally for every living thing that enters your world. You have a strong and high energetic field meaning you can enhance and encourage love in any situation. Warm, bold and happy, you vibrate nothing but warmth and positive energy in this world.



You radiate the powerful energy of a deep green Emerald. You have an excellent memory and a powerful sense of intuition meaning very few things will pass you by. Emeralds radiate confidence and you are an excellent public speaker. Ambitious and bold you radiate strength in the world. When faced with indecision you are a logical thinker and will always be guided by passion and intellect to make the right choice. You vibrate emerald energy making you a strong leader and honest friend at all times.



You are radiating a glowing Amber crystal. Calm, cool and sophisticated, you walk through life with your head in the right place. You think, breath and live in the present and your spiritual connection to the past and memory makes you a highly intuitive being. You are flexible and an excellent negotiator. People look to you for comfort and stability as you will always be the centre and heart of a crowd. Family is important to you and your kindness vibrates through your amber core. People adore your peaceful energy and you are the greatest listener of all the crystals.



You vibrate the electric energy that the Sapphire radiates. You are intelligent, spontaneous and will light up whatever room you enter. You have a powerful energy that can draw crowds but you can also act impulsively and make some difficult decisions. You are the stabilizing centre of any crowd and you vibrate leadership and power. This is a unique gift that you have so make sure you vibrate your energy within the right circles to achieve your full energetic potential.

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