We Can Accurately Guess Your Gender Based On Your Dog Breed Knowledge

Try the test and see what is your poochy preference.

Created by PringleDingle
On Jul 9, 2017

What breed of dog am I?

What is the name of this pooch?

Hello...my name is...?

This fury friend goes by the name of a...?

These cuties are called?

What breed is this fluff ball?

What might one call this large dog?

Can you name this fluffy pooch?

What is my dog breed?

These ears belong to which breed?

This wrinkly dog is otherwise known as...?

These little pups are belong to which family?

This dog breed is called...?

This fluffbag is part of which breed?

This hairy dog belongs to which breed?



Come on old boy! You are a macho alfa male. You love big manly dogs and we couldn't have guessed your gender any better if we'd tried. Pitbulls and German Shepards are definitely your breed of choice. Small dogs give you the creeps and you really have a woof in your masculine step.



You are a sassy lady my dear! You are most definitely of the female species and you adore cute pugs or little furry things that you can sit on your lap. Fluff and golden hair is what makes you go weak at the knees. You can't stand big, burly dogs as ultimately you want the cutest pooch to follow you around and give you unconditional love at ALL times.