This Food Quiz Will Tell Us Your Anxiety % Level

How much do you eat when you feel anxious? Do you over compensate? Or do your nerves not affect your eating habit?

Created by PringleDingle
On May 10, 2017

Which candy jumps right out at you?

Which part of the muffin would be yours?

How quickly would you eat a punnet of these?

How often do you eat these bad boys?

What love heart turns you on?

When you are having a stressful day what action do you find yourself doing most?

Are you more of a savory or sweet kind of person?

What kind of nuts are you a fan of?

You have just got in from a night out, would you eat these tasty potatoes?

Can you relate to this picture at stressful moments in life?

You have been working for 12 hours straight and need a quick pick you up, what do you go for?

Which one tantalizes your taste-buds?

What is your food of choice at the office?

Do you tend to plan your eating habits or impulse binge?

How full is your fridge at the moment?

Cool, Calm and Collected Foodie

Cool, Calm and Collected Foodie

You find yourself loving life and especially food. You eat when you feel hungry and you love it. If you feel anxious, it comes out in other ways and often in the opposite direction and you end up starving yourself and drinking endless cups of coffee. You have things under control and love eating just the right amount. If you get your heart broken, food is the last thing on your mind but when you want to treat yourself, it is the first.

Pretty Anxious Muncher

Pretty Anxious Muncher

You love your food and sometimes you might feel confused whether it is hunger or anxiety. You probably bite your pen or your nails as you don't want to be on a constant food bender but you find your job stressful and love taking coffee and cookie breaks to break up the day. Don't forget to breathe once in a while but don't feel too bad you have got your food levels and anxiety pretty under control.

Anxious Eater

Anxious Eater

Nothing makes you feel happier than getting home and buying yourself a bar of chocolate before bed to make you feel comfortable, safe and warm. Food is your comfort and you have a very stressful lifestyle. Eating good food is what brings you back to earth and you cherish those moments where you can constantly nibble and keep that anxiety at bay.

Extreme FOOD Anxiety

Extreme FOOD Anxiety

You love food and anxiety loves you. You can't help but have constant snacks to keep your nerves at bay. You feel happier when you have food at your side. You try and snack healthier but ultimately need to be munching and nibbling or you feel like the world is literally going to eat you alive. Nothing hits you harder than a sugar rush and when you are in moments of extreme crisis, food is what makes you feel like you can breathe again.

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