Only Real Friends Fans Can Match The Face To The Quote Reaction

How much of a Friends fan are you? Can you match these funny faces to the quote?

Created by PringleDingle
On Jul 18, 2017

What is Ross reacting too here?

What is Pheobe saying here after just seeing a sexual encounter?"

What is Janice reacting to here?

What is Joey saying with this chocolate face?

What are Monica and Rachel realizing in this shot?

What is Pheobe saying with this face?

What has Chandler just been caught doing?

Monica is telling everyone...

What is Monica happy about with her fat face?

What is Joey questioning Ross about his eyebrows?

Monica is feeling pleased with herself in this shot as she has just said...

Rachel's face here is telling us...

Monica has had a hard day at work and has the feelings off...

Pheobe is so happy again because she...

O is for...

You are a Friends Expert!

You are a Friends Expert!

Congratulations! You are a real friends fan and know every episode that ever existed. You just aced this quiz and matched every hilarious friends moment to the facial expression. Friends might be over, but the love and memory of the show still lives on. You could watch it on repeat and quote every funny line.

You are a Friends Fan!

You are a Friends Fan!

Well done! You just passed this Friends quiz. You can remember most quotes from the series but you might not be an expert. These classic moments make you remember how you want Joey to be your bestie and Rachel your roommate.

You are a Friends Flop!

You are a Friends Flop!

Better luck next time! You just flopped this friends face quiz. You love friends but you are not an expert and couldn't match any of these faces to the famous lines. Don't worry though, you just enjoy friends for the giggles and nothing more.