Only Real Foodies Can Score 100% On This Foreign Food Quiz

How much of a food lover are you?

Created by PringleDingle
On Aug 6, 2017

What might these delicious fruits be called?

Where does this dessert originate from?

Where is the origin of this delicious breakfast dish?

What might this past dish be called?

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

What is this pudding called?

Where does this oriental dish originate?

What is this called?

What kind of peppers?

What spice is this?

Where does chocolate come from?

What is honey?

What is this type of cheese?

What is the magic of this drink?

What kind of eggs are these?

Food is Fuel For You!

Food is Fuel For You!

You don't really care much for food and see it more as fuel rather than a necessity. You will often eat on the go and whatever is avaliable. You are not a fussy eater and food is usually the last of your thoughts. You would rather spend your money on beauty or clothes and we can definately say you are not in the foodie fame category.

Food is Life For You!

Food is Life For You!

Let's be frank. You love food. You probably love food more than exercise and will find yourself eating exotic flavours every weekend. You don't plan what you eat too much but as long as it is tasty it is good for you. You love to cook but you might stick to the simple recipes that you know you can nail 100%.

Food is Heaven For You!

Food is Heaven For You!

If food was the language of love then you would be over the moon. You are an absolute foodie or might we say FOODAHOLIC. You love food. Your favourite thing to do in life is travel the globe trying food from every single individual country and eating on every street corner. You can't pick a favourite dish because you love them all.