How Moody Is Your PMS?

We all experience that time of the month, but what is your moody scale?

Created by PringleDingle
On Feb 20, 2019

Do people ever avoid you at a certain time of the month?

Has anyone ever called you Bi-polar?

It is a normal day, you have gone to work and someone has eaten your home-made delicious sandwich, how do you react?

Does your lover or partner ever avoid you at certain times in the month?

What does PMS stand for?

If your best friend could describe you at your worst moment, what would they say?

What is your pet peeve from the following options?

Which face reflects how you feel on a bad day?

Which face reflects how you feel on a good day?

How long does your PMS usually last?

Moody Monster

Moody Monster

You are extra moody when you are on your PMS. The fury and the wrath of the female spirit takes a hold of you and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Some might call you bi-polar or Jekyll and Hyde because of your uncontrollable behaviour when you are experiencing PMS. This is something that you can’t control or take over. In terms of PMS, we would say you are on the extreme end of the moody scale. Hot water bottles, chocolate and cuddles can’t save you, but warning others when you are entering the week of major bitch time is always good.

Moody Missus

Moody Missus

You are moderately moody. If you catch your PMS quickly you can understand and control your mood swings. You warn people to be aware of you during these few days of chaos and this has genuinely saved friendships. You might snap quickly when experiencing PMS and feel like you want to do nothing, but don’t worry after a few days, you’re sprightly and bubbly self is back to normal and conquering the world.

Happy Lady

Happy Lady

PMS doesn’t really affect you and you are a lucky lady in this world. You are barely affected by PMS and generally carry a happy disposition. PMS isn’t your friend, but it isn’t your enemy and people can’t understand how your hormones don’t have the better of you! You are a lucky gal so enjoy having month-free, hassle-free PMS.