How Many Classic 90's Kids Shows Do You Remember?

Are you a vintage TV fan? Let's see which cast's you can really remember and take you back down memory lane.

Created By PringleDingle
On Jun 25, 2017

These kids belonged to which show?

This family belongs to which sitcom?

This gang belongs to which world?

Which show does this happy family belong to?

These familiar faces are part of which show?

This lovely bunch are part of which show?

These friendly faces are part of which kids TV show?

Which show do these freckles appear in?

These concerned teens are part of which show?

This friendly bunch belong to which show?

Which TV show does this family belong in?

What is the name of the TV show that these teens are in?

This family are in the show called...?

This 90's family belong to which show?

These powerful friends are part of which TV sensation?

90's TV Show Expert!

90's TV Show Expert!

Congratulations, you just scored an A+ in 90’s kids show knowledge. You are a true 90’s kid and your summer holidays were spent in front of Nickelodeon watching every single tv show you could. Share your top notch result with the world!

90's Tv Show Fan!

90's Tv Show Fan!

Well done, you just passed this 90’s tv show test with a good and average C. You loved 90’s shows but you weren’t addicted to the screen. Coming home from school and watching Sister Sister or Saved by the Bell before doing your homework was always a treat, but you were never allowed more than 2 hours in front of the box. Do you agree?

90's TV Show Failure!

90's TV Show Failure!

Better luck next time! You just failed this 90’s TV show test. You clearly had no idea what was going on in the 90’s and if you are a 90’s kid you were probably outside running around and being wild. You never really cared much for television so you don’t really mind that you failed this quiz. Do you feel the same?