Could You Make Money Based On Your Looks?

Let's see if you could actually live off your blessed genes?

Created By PringleDingle
On Jul 2, 2017

What do you consider your best asset?

How confident do you feel?

When you walk into a room how do you feel?

When you look for a partner what do you value most?

What is your favourite thing to do in your free time from the following options?

How long do you spend getting ready?

Do you like self-promotion?

Have you ever modeled?

How important is money to you?

How often do you work out?

Are you happy to work doing any sort of job just to make cash?

Would you be happy with a jet-set lifestyle?

You can make up to a million dollars.

You can make up to a million dollars.

Whenever there is an opportunity to make cash, you will jump at the chance. You look after yourself and might have once considered a career in acting or modelling as people occasionally tell you to. However, you also can’t handle large crowds... and social situations make you nervous. You would rather make your money through other things that you really love doing, do you agree?

You could make millions!

You could make millions!

You have been blessed with the face of a superstar and you should use what you have got. You spend a lot of time making yourself look good, so why not let others pay you for it. You are great at self-promotion and feel that you should at least get paid for all the work you are doing. Get a book, create a portfolio and start shaking that money maker. Don’t you agree with us?

You're happy just the way you are.

You're happy just the way you are.

You get nervous in public and couldn’t care less about anything narcissistic in this world. You love what you do and hate anything that is regarding self-promotion. You would rather work really hard doing what you love and looking after the planet rather than spend your time caring about what you look like. You make your money from your passion and being sincere with yourself is something you value above all, do you agree?