QUIZ: Could You Actually Forgive and Forget A Cheater Like Beyonce Did?

Could your forgive infidelity? Take this Playbuzz quiz and see!

Created By PringleDingle
On Feb 26, 2019

How many times did your boo cheat on you?

Who did your boo cheat on you with?

Have you ever cheated on anyone?

How did you find out your hubby was cheating on you?

Before your boo cheated on you, how was your relationship?

How did you react when you found out about your partner cheating?

How much do you and your boo need each other?

Do you believe in monogomy?

Do you have a family together?

Can you imagine being alone?

You can Forgive

You can Forgive

You are in love with your boo and ending your relationship would do more harm than good. You have an eternal bond with your partner which means you feel like it is worth fighting for. You believe in the love that you have and feel that with communication anything can be resolved. This love is worth fighting for and just like Bey needed Jay, you two are a power couple that is definately worth holding on to.

You must Forget

You must Forget

This love affair is definately over. We hate to break it to you but it seems like you are better off on the single path. You don't deserve to be with someone that doesn't make you feel good, and from what you have told us, you are better off alone. Don't be afraid to take the reins of your horse and be the Beyonce that runs the world once again. You are a powerful being and have the chance to find a true soulmate that loves and respects you.