Are You Actually Clued Up On Your History?

How well do you know what actually happened in the past century? Time to get clued up!

Created by PringleDingle
On Aug 13, 2017

What is being bombed here?

Where are these troops invading?

In which German city did this happen?

Who was the first man on the moon?

Who is this man?

What are they discovering here?

What was the port where this famous boat set sail?

Who is this man?

What was the name of this tragic 20th century disaster?

What was the name of this man being shot event that triggered World War I?

Who tragically died in this car crash?

What date did this famous recent disaster take place?

Where would these troops have been based?

What is the name of this iconic man?

True Historian!

True Historian!

Well done! You are a true historical genius. You are 100% clued up on what went down in history and could happily tell your peers about it. Whether you are interested in recent politics or the cold war relations between the USA and USSR, you could teach a class of students exactly what they need to know!

Back to the Berlin Wall!

Back to the Berlin Wall!

Better luck next time! You just flunked this history quiz. You might know a few historical events but you could do with a bit of studying. These landmark events really shaped how we live today so why don't you go back to the Berlin wall and start retracing the footsteps of history!

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