What Kind Of Cat Personality Are You?

We all love a bit of cat, but what kind of cat are you? What cat-ish traits reflect your personality?

Created by PringleDingle
On May 15, 2017

Furry friend, what is your favourite thing to do in the morning?

Which face represents how you feel when you are hungry?

Someone has just stolen your sandwich from the office fridge, what happens next?

Where is your favourite place to hang out?

You just got the job of your dreams, how do you feel?

You have just made a big mistake at work, how do you react?

What is this cat so happy about?

What would be your 'I don't give a f*** face'?

Your partner has come home late, how do you confront them?

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

How does the person on the other end of the phone feel?

What is your favourite pasttime?

Brrr... it is cold outside, what is your wardrobe item of choice?

What would be your b**** face?

This is how you feel...

Confident Cat

Confident Cat

You are a cool, calm and confident cat. You have no problem saying what is on your mind and confronting people about how you feel. Some might call you bulshy but you prefer the word direct. When someone steals your sandwich at work you have no problem in making a large statement to the entire office because you know being a confident cat, you can always get what you want. You can also admit when you are wrong, and all the other cats on the block love being around you because you ooze a calm and cool nature.

Friendly Cat

Friendly Cat

You are the world’s best friend and you stroll about life going wherever people will shower you with love and affection. You believe in world peace and love being around your friends as they make you feel snuggly and warm. You are most likely to be found on the sofa purring away and watching your favourite TV show or entertaining a dinner party at home. You couldn’t be happier mooching around the house surrounded by your loved ones. Purrr-fect.

Hunter Cat

Hunter Cat

You are a proud hunter cat who constantly has their eye on the prize. You can’t help but walk into a room and everyone is drawn to you. You love food and all the finest luxuries in life meaning you put yourself high on a peddle stool. Your dream is to be immortal and there is nothing you love more than bathing on the floor, however you know when you need to put your paws down and get the claws out you have no problem in doing so.

Shy Shy Cat

Shy Shy Cat

You are a cutesy and shy-shy kitty cat. You like sitting in the corner and watching the world go by. You tend not to leave the house and you can often be found sat on the lap of your loved one or snuggled up in the bedroom. Homebody would be an understatement and if there was ever a word for a docile, domesticated cat that would be you.

Fiesty Cat

Fiesty Cat

You are a feisty friend and certainly have a roar in your bite. Fierce and strong, you are the cat not to be crossed. You call the shots in your relationship and when you are not happy with how something is going in life, you are not afraid to point it out. Sultry and sexy, you are the cat who can conquer the world so keep roaming around the street like you own it-because you do!

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