Can You Recognize These 1980's Male Fashion Icons?

How well do you know your fashion icons? Take this test and see!

Created by PringleDingle
On Jul 10, 2017

Who do these muscles belong to?

Who is sporting this denim blue?

This cigarette is being smoked by?

Who is sporting this blazer?

Who is wearing this daring outfit?

Who is wearing all this leather?

These feathers belong to?

These chains belong to?

Who is rocking this double denim?

This big coat belongs to?

Who is holding this pink flower?

This white suit belongs to?

These cool cats are also know as?

This casual look belongs to which actor?

This iconic look belongs to which popstar?

King of Style!

King of Style!

Congratulations! You are the king of style. You know your 1980's style guru's incredibly well! Adam Ant and Prince are your style inspirations and you love looking back over vintage videos and admiring the iconic looks of the past.

Prince of Style!

Prince of Style!

Well done! You are the prince of style! You know most of your 1980's male style icons. Miami Vice and Michael Jackson paved the way for new trends and you just can't help but follow them. You might have missed Billy Idol on this quiz, but we know you are an avid 80's fan.

Joker Style!

Joker Style!

Better luck next time! You can only recognize a few of these style icons and your 80's knowledge needs to be brushed up. These hunky men are quite tricky to distinguish if you are not an 80's fan, we bet you know your 00's style icons!