How Much Do You ACTUALLY Know About Sewing?

Do you think you know about sewing and quilting? This is the hardest quiz you will take about sewing trivia and quilting facts!

Prime Publishing LLC Sewing
Created by Prime Publishing LLC Sewing
On Jul 8, 2015
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When you make a mistake in sewing, what essential tool might you need?

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What does the "hand" of a fabric mean?

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What is the name of the oldest known quilt?

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Where is the world's largest quilt from and how big is it?

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What quilt pattern commemorates the founding of New Orleans in 1718?

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What part of your body closely equals a yard?

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Where is the self-titled quilt capital of the world?

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If someone uses your shears (fabric scissors) to cut something other than fabric, what would you use to sharpen them?

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What is Silamide?

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What did Native Americans use for sewing and needlework?

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