Which Mariah Carey are you?

To celebrate Mariah's World coming to the E! channel, find out which Mariah Carey your personality is most like with our quiz.

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On Mar 29, 2017

Let's talk hair - which do you prefer?

Pick a piece of clothing

Choose a basket of puppies

Which award would you most like to receive?

Mariah's movies - which is your fave?

Choose a Mariah quote to live by

Pick a Santa to sing All I Want For Christmas with

Pick your Mariah karaoke song

Cute Mariah

Cute Mariah

You're a homebody who loves baking, butterflies and ballads. People would describe you as kind, considerate and playful, a bit like a puppy.

Sexy Mariah

Sexy Mariah

Just like Mariah, you're on fire, you sexy, soulful thing, you. You've got it, and boy do you flaunt it. You're smooth like Honey and a bit of a Heartbreaker.

Diva Mariah

Diva Mariah

If it ain't dripping in diamonds, you don't want to know. You're the kind of person who demands attention, won't be seen in fluorescent lighting without wearing sunglasses (just like Mariah) and favours being carried. Everywhere.