Swap Shop at 40 - the ultimate Saturday Morning TV quiz

Saturday morning telly would never be quite the same after Swap Shop first hit our screens on October 2, 1976. But how much do you know about the show? Answers on a postcard please...

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On Mar 29, 2017
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Swap Shop launched on October 2, 1976. Which classic presenter did not feature on the first show?

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The show's memorable theme tune was written by Mike Batt. Which of these songs was NOT written by Batt?

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Each week, Keith Chegwin travelled round the UK meeting swap-eager youngsters. What was this segment called?

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Swap Shop had a long-running rivalry with ITV's Tiswas. But which show ran for longest?

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Both Swap Shop and Tiswas spawned hit singles. But whose one-hit wonder did better in the charts?

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What was the name of Swap Shop's purple dinosaur mascot?

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If you wanted to phone into the first episode and offer to swap a skateboard for 'anything to do with Abba', what number would you have dialed?

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Maggie Philbin married which Swap Shop colleague in 1982?

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Swap Shop bowed out after six multi-coloured years in March 1982. Which show took over its Saturday morning slot later that year?

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Swap Shop was revived by CBBC in January 2008, hosted by which veteran puppet?

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