Britain's motorways and the M25 - How much do you know?

The M25 - Britain's most loathed motorway according to a survey of AA members - is 30 years old. But how much do you know about the London orbital road and the rest of our motorway network? Take our quiz to find out.

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On Oct 29, 2016
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Britain's first motorway, an eight-mile stretch of the M6, opened in December 1958. Which town did it by-pass?

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...And how long was it before it closed for road works?

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What was the speed limit on Britain's first motorway?

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Driving at a constant 70mph, how long would it take to complete a lap of the M25?

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Which of these songs was supposedly inspired by traffic congestion on the M25?

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In 2015, approximately what percentage of Britain's roads was motorway?

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What is Britain's longest motorway?

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The start of which motorway lies closest to the centre of London?

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Where is Britain's oldest motorway service station?

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As of October 2016, where could car drivers expect to pay Britain's most expensive motorway toll?

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