How a personality quiz can help you choose your dental bridge

How a personality quiz can help you choose your dental bridge

It sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? most people would never even think to put a personality quiz and dental bridges in the same sentence, and yet it may not be the strangest or craziest thing that you ever hear – or even hear today. The thing is, different dental bridges offer different things, and the more that you look into the different dental options that are available to you, the clearer it becomes that what may suit one person simply isn’t for another. A dentist is not always the best person to ask because they just see the problem that they want to fix: they do not know you and your particular lifestyle, and so even if you ask them, they may not be able to tell you which type of dental bridges are best for you.

On the one hand, you have a dental bridge that you can remove as and when you want to. This is sometimes called a temporary denture, and it is one that can move around quite easily in your mouth as it is not attached to anything. Some people prefer this; they like to be able to take it out of their mouths at the end of the day when they go to bed, and they like to feel separate from it as it feels like a strange thing in their mouths. However, the disadvantage with dental bridges that can easily be removed is that they will move around the mouth causing sores, and these can end up being very painful. It’s important that you remove them when eating for this reason, and this can be a little embarrassing when you are out and about.

A set of dental bridges that never leave your mouth, on the other hand, are called permanent dentures, and they simply live up to their name. You cannot remove them as your dentist will affix them to your mouth in the exact right position, which gives you the benefit of dentures that do not move around and cause sores and discomfort. Having said that, dental bridges are a pretty final dental choice, and you cannot easily remove them once they have been attached to you. Some dentists worry that their patients will regret having permanent dental bridges and then not be able to do anything about them. 

So how on earth are you meant to decide which type of dental bridges to have? Well, it all comes down to looking at your personality. Your personality differences and quirks will soon indicate whether you are social conscious in which case the permanent dental bridges may be a better idea for you, or whether you are frightened of certain and immovable decisions, in which case the temporary dental bridges may be the best choice for you. Understanding your personality is key to deciding on the best outcome, and a short personality quiz will soon determine what your dominant personality traits are, and from that information we can start to see whether or not permanent or temporary dental bridges are the best ones for you.

What is really important to remember is that everyone is completely different. Even if you end up with the same quiz results as another person, that does not necessarily mean that you should have exactly the same dental treatment as them! These sorts of personality quizzes are just there to provide a guide, and to point you in the right direction. Then you can start to think about the type of dental bridges that you want with the full information about what sort of thing would suit you, so you can make a good decision.